A successful performance starts with the right preparation!


Speaking of, we are offering quality premises and equipment, and pre-production services.


Our premises and our team are available for the artists. These advantages will mainly help properly bring the show to a higher quality level.


Our facility allows equipment to be adapted to reflect as closely as possible the final result sought by the client.


In addition, our facility can be used to produce a musical showcase for a live show experience as a demonstration to potential customers. This is a great way to bring a customer experience to life before a service contract is concluded.


Producing a demonstration show, allows the artist to present himself at his best, in a conducive environment.

- Video Capture and Filming
- Live Audio Recording
- Customized Media visual Design

Video Capture and Filming

Amongst our team, we have various video specialists.


Thus, if a customer wants to capture and immortalize the pre-production of his show in order to make it a promotional product, Show Factory will be able to provide a complete product.


Premise rental can also be used for video production and filming.


Live Audio Recording

Our audio and sound specialists will assist the client in producing a promotional soundtrack.

Customized Media visual Design

We can also develop a customized video projection concept for a specific event or context, according to the customer’s needs.


Our devoted team of professionals is there to help every artist develop a concept, from the original idea to the final product!


We have the premises, equipment and expertise to create a dynamic medium to promote all talents and projects.

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You will benefit of renting our space, from helpful resources and professional equipment for a successful production that will positively impact your image.

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