Premises and equipment

Show Factory! A lever for any artist desiring to stage his talents and thus propel his career to a higher level.


Because we make professional facilities and equipment available to our customers, Show Factory is an up and coming reference in music production for artists.


Equipped with a main hall and professional grade equipment, our company offers the necessary installations for the pre-production of large-scale shows or for a variety of stage projects.


In addition to pre-production, creating a dynamic promotional product will help showcase the artists talents. In fact, by producing a professional video recording, the client will have an effective marketing product to support his artistic career.


An audio and visual advertisement, now that’s an excellent way to demonstrate talent and spark interest of future audience! 


You will benefit of renting our space, from helpful resources and professional equipment for a successful production that will positively impact your image. Trust Show Factory!

Our Premises

The main hall is 3 034 ft2. It’s equipped with modular stage that can meet the users specific needs. 


Our state-of-the-art lighting system and LED screens allow additional customization of the space. We have at hand a team of professionals and technicians dedicated to adjustments to meet the particular needs of the artists. They can help with production, recording and mixing, up until the final product.


The Lodges

Our facility is equipped with private, modern and comfortable artist’s lodges. They include a makeup station, a complete bathroom with a shower and commodities, which are made available to the client. Finally, the lodges have a dining area to maximize comfort and meet the customer’s different needs.


Unloading Dock

Another important advantage is the presence of a loading dock. This facilitates the integration of personal equipment into the stage structure, and can be prepared in advance for the client.


Private Parking Space

We offer a private parking area. A significant advantage when it comes time to coordinate all activities related to equipment transportation.

Equipment List

Here is a list of our installations and equipments:


14 x LX beam (Moving Light Beam)

16 x Color Block (Fixture LED)

18 x Magic Panel (Moving Light Pixel Panel)

24 x PR LED Zoom (Fixture LED)

2 x Atomic 3000 (Stoboscope)

2 x Atomic Color (Stroboscope color changer)

4 x Leko Junior 750w

6 x Parnel (FOH)

10 x LED Wash (moving light wash)


praticable 4/8' x 27

praticable 2/8' x 4

praticable rond 8'

scene hauteur 3'

Video Screens / Tubes LED

Écrans LED 22 x panneau de 1m1/2 par 1m ( exemple ecran 14'x30')

50 x tube LED 1m

2 x Écrans verts 20'x10'

Audio System

Kit Turbo Sound

Top (txd-151)

Mid-Sub (txd-218)

Sub (tse-218)


6 x Sparcular sol (générateur de flammèches)

6 x Sparcular suspendu

1 x Contrôleur Sparcular (DMX/MIDI)

1 x Générateur de fumée MDG

Video / light controls

1 x Grand MA 1 light

1 x NSP

1 x Resolume 6

1 x VDWall

1 x NOD Elation 8 output

Audio Controls

1x Midas M-32

1x Behringer X-32

2 x sd-16 ( cat-6 ethernet)

Hanging System

20 x Palan à chaîne

20 x Spansets 8'

25 x Manilles 1t

1 x pont d'éclairage 8 x 8'

3 x pont d'éclairage 10'

2 x pont d'éclairage 4'